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Run 3 Unblocked

Play Run 3 Game and enjoy this game with your friends. Being the 3rd series in the Run Series, this is by far the most favorite sequel of players. As a player, you will usually begin as a small gray alien guy. And then, you will have to enter the prohibited zone. There are lots of obstacles, dangers and challenges to face all throughout. When you play this game, you will need to avoid all those dangerous holes. And then, you must make an effort not to jump off or fall off the edge. If ever you have fall into any of them, you lost the game.

In Run 3 Unblocked Complete Levels to unlock new alien characters with increased abilities to help you survive. This is a 3D Game with High Quality Graphics and it's very easy to play. You Can Play Run 3 Game Online Here also This Game is available on Android or on iOS version.

While the character runs, you could climb, jump, leap and roll in order to hit all those obstacles. Actually, the game play is quite easy to play. But, you must accept the fact that it is also easy and fast to die. You may collect all those rewards that comprise of gold and coins. You may as well make use of them in buying or upgrading power-ups. Also, remember that you could not stop running as it is the only way of moving ahead with all those challenges.Try Bonkio Game

How to Play Run 3 Game

The controls for this game are WASD or arrow keys:

  • SPACE or UP Arrow = Jump
  • A or LEFT Arrow = Left
  • D or RIGHT Arrow = Right