Bonkio Unblocked Games

Run 3

Bonkio Unblocked Game unblocked game is a multi-player physics game, which can be played by up to eight players at once. All you have to do is push your opponent from the edge of the level, the last person stands up wins!

Fight your friend or anyone from anywhere in the world in the last match. is a skill and strategy game, position yourself as well as possible, and hit your enemy as effectively as avoiding incoming collisions.

Press the X button to make yourself heavier and use the arrow keys to move. When you become heavy, you have more momentum, so you can hit the enemy further, and you are much harder to push. Thus you will be much easier to maneuver!

To easily create your own map, use the editor level in the game, then play! Upload your own special map for other players to play and also play hundreds of special maps created by other communities.

In order to quickly enter the game, use the fast play feature or use a special game and set it as you like.

Bonkio is almost always updated with new features and enhancements, so have fun and come back often!